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How to choose the perfect venue!

*Time of year: Mother nature is always a good thing to keep in

mind when picking out your venue. Outdoor ceremonies can

sometimes be tricky due to weather. Keep in mind when choosing

your location; you want to always have an option B when having a

beautiful outdoor service.

* Location: Destination? Travel? Big or small reception? Your big day is

about you and your fiance, but also the guest you are inviting as well.

If you are choosing to have a small wedding with friends and

family, travel is an ideal situation. Older grandparents and friends

may not make it to a private beach or hillside service. Consider the

possibility of two locations.

* Space of the Place: When it comes to picking your perfect venue,

make sure to schedule a venue visit first so you can get a better idea of the space.

You always want to picture the entire space (Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception). A space that is too small usually won’t fit each area of what a

wedding would entail. Make sure the size of the room is enough so

the guest does not feel crammed.

*Lights, Color, and that View: When considering a wedding venue,

you may also want to consider the lights and your color theme. The venue doesn’t have to be spot on with the same colors and theme, but make sure that the colors

available are more neutral so that you are able to compliment when

adding decorations. Lighting also is important; guests do not want

to be sitting in a dark room for hours during your day ceremony

while it is a sunny day outside. During the evening, make sure that

the lighting can be adjusted as the guests celebrate.

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