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How to Choose the Best Vendors for your Wedding!

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Whether it’s the price, theme, or personality, choosing the perfect vendor is essential:

1. Determine a budget - Discuss how much you are willing to spend before choosing a vendor. Complete a checklist of likes and dislikes with your fiancé so that way when it comes time to deciding, you can know if the price quote is exactly in your range.

2. Vendor Online Services - Check before you secure! Many vendors have online websites as well as reviews and work history. If they don’t have a quote, you can ask your planner for email them directly. You always want to double check, don’t be afraid to make an appointment in order to get some in-depth information.

3. Negotiation - So, you’ve hired a vendor! Round of applause… You want to make sure every detail is provided when booking a vendor, and some vendors point out extra costs for any upgrades. Learn how to negotiate what is extra, what is worth it, and what can be arranged as a “gift” to your special day.

The bottom line is make sure you know what you want. And make sure the vendor you pick has that special it factor that will suit your needs in order to make your special day perfect. Finding the right vendor can be a challenge, but if you communicate well and have an idea of what you want, vendors are there to provide and help you reach your idea of that special moment on your wedding day!

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