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Need help figuring out how many guests to invite to your Wedding?

Here are some helpful tips in making your guest list become a piece of cake!

Be realistic. Now that you have chosen your perfect venue, the capacity is a good way to start building the guest list. Keep in mind that this list also factors in the budget, so stay conservative and add in guests later on if needed.

Always have a backup plan. The best way to go about a guest list is building two. The first list A consists of family and friends that you wouldn’t want to miss your big day. The second list B are the people who you would like to be there, but these are the people you add in later on when you have some extra seating available, or if your first list guests are not able to attend.

Do I know you? Sometimes, cutting out guests can be a little tricky. You always want to set up a list of rules for yourself and actually follow them. For instance, if you haven’t spoken to a friend since college and have them added to the first list A, this might be a person you would add to list B instead of A.

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